Full Set Acrylic



$38 +

Full Set Pink & White


Full Set Pink & White Ombre


Fill-In (Pink Only)

$35 +

Fill-In (Pink & White)

$50 +

Dipping Powder

Dipping Color


Dipping Pink & White


Dipping With Extension


Natural Nail Treatment

Basic Manicure


Shellac Manicure


Shellac French Manicure

$40 +

Shellac Color Change

$25 +

Regular Color Change

$15 +

Add On Services

Nail Shapes (Coffin, Almond, Stiletto)

$5 +

Extra Length

$5 - $10+

Spa Pedicure Services

Basic Spa Pedicure (Regular Polish)


Basic Spa Pedicure (Shellac Polish)


An express pedicure starts with soaking your feet in the whirlpool bath, it is followed by clipping your nails, shaping, and pushing up cuticles as well as calluses are taken care of. It then comes with lotion moisturize, massage, warm towel, and finished with your favorite polish. 

Deluxe Spa Pedicure (Regular Polish)


Deluxe Spa Pedicure (Shellac Polish)


This pedicure comes with everything basic pedicure included, with Sugar Scrub is added to exfoliate and removes dead skins, and your feet will be more pampered and luxurious after treatment. 

Deep Spa Pedicure (Regular Polish)


Deep Spa Pedicure (Shellac Polish)


This pedicure elevated deluxe spa pedicure in a better way. A mineral Mud Mask is added on followed by warm towels for extra deep skin rejuvenation, giving you the joy of the natural healing experience.

Pedi-In-A-Box (Regular Polish)


Pedi-In-A-Box (Shellac Polish)


This is a sweet treatment that starts with feet soaking in the water infused with your choice of scents. On each of the scents, you get the following steps Pedi-in-a-Box. It is a fun way to get ultra-relaxing and relieve your feet from all the tiredness in daily life.

Cherry Blossom • Jasmine Freesia  • Lavender

Honeydew & Cucumber • Prickly Pear & Orange • Milk & Honey 

Luxury Spa Pedicure (Regular Polish)


Luxury Spa Pedicure (Shellac Polish)


Luxury Spa Pedicure is similar to our Pedi-in-a-Box. As one of the best products, Luxury Spa is known for superior quality and scent options. It provides you a pedicure with your choice of one in the 15 most amazing scents. This treatment also gives you an experiment of Paraffin Wax dipping your feet and wrapped in warm towels, which make you feel pampered and relaxed. 

Lemongrass Ginger • Vanilla Wild Plum • Lavender Verbena

Pomegranate Lime  • Lime Zest  • White Tea  • Mandarin Honey

Lemon Dream • Colada Sparkle  • Grapefruit Surprise  • Cactus Blossom 

Guava Passion • Awapuhi Passion • Exotic Mango • Almond Oatmeal

Collagen Spa Pedicure (Regular Polish)


Collagen Spa Pedicure (Shellac Polish)


Collagen Spa Pedicure is also known as Volcano Pedicure which provides you a Detox Bubbling and Fizzing Eruption feeling. It includes 6 steps of relaxing and rejuvenation with exfoliating as well as moisturizing benefits. It then comes with a pair of collagen socks and warm towels to give you an extra pampering experience, especially to have young and soft-looking feet. 


V.I.P Spa Pedicure (Regular Polish)


V.I.P Spa Pedicure (Shellac Polish)


The V.I.P Spa Pedicure takes you to the best level of luxury which is known as Serum Spa. The product incorporates premium skin Serum into a Pedicure system. With the advantage of the serum's deep-penetrating characteristics to deliver a high concentration of active ingredients, it provides you benefits of hydrating and nourishing skin, deep detoxification of pores, skin surface and odor control, and slimming and firming loose skin. Paraffin wax is then added to restore from cracking heel, followed by Hot Stones to relax tight muscles, ease the pain of strain, and arthritis, and improve blood circulation. This amazing package pedicure leaves you with a wonderful feeling and completely revitalized. 

Add On Services

Extra 10 Minutes Massage


Paraffin Wax


Hot Stone


Collagen Socks


Kid Services (8 Years Old and Under)

Basic Pedicure


With Shellac


Shellac Manicure


Shellac Color Change


Regular Color Change

$6 - $10



$10 +

Facial Wax

$45 +